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  • WordPress Install with a Click

    Posted on March 31st, 2009 Admin 1 comment

    After trying out a number of blogging tools and finding them less than adequate, I came across WordPress inside my web hosting control panel. Nah. It can’t be that easy I told myself. So I clicked the button that looked like this: WordPress

    To get your own one-click WordPress install button you need to sign up with Click on the Contact button and tell them you want a WordPress site. They’ll set you up with one for a decent price. You’ll also get your own Mail Manager for your domain’s email addresses…that’s your own domain name (no There’s lots of other stuff in the web-based toolbox, a.k.a. Control Panel, so you can expand your horizons beyond your blog only when you’re ready.

    Yikes! Let me apologize if this sounds like an ad. It’s just that I’m very happy with the turn of events (and my ability to install this blogging platform with just a mouse-click. Cool!)